What We Do


The RETECH Foundation Green Citizen’s Club (GCC) Initiative aims at increasing environmental and social awareness in schools. We encourage and support public secondary school students to set up GCCs.
We have curated a series of Green Citizen’s Projects (GCP) based on the ‘Circular Economy’ principles for resource management, energy/emissions reduction and waste minimization. To learn about the circular economy, click on this link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCRKvDyyHmI&feature=youtu.be

GCC members will actively engage in projects that reduce environmental impacts, improving their learning spaces and increase social interactions as well as students’ welfare in the school. GCC members also learn new skills such as: sustainability, leadership, resource management, project planning and management as they participate in the GCP.

GCC are to select one GCP from 5 project pillars including climate change adaptation, biodiversity management & animal life support, sustainable transportation, the 3 Rs for waste and enhancing the built environment.