Time for Some Tomato Carrot Soup

RETECH Foundation’s Green Citizens Club (GCC) in the University of Benin Demonstrative Secondary School (UDSS), kicked off its first project on Tuesday, 28th September 2021.
This involved the broadcasting of carrot, tomatoes and pepper seeds on nursery beds. The club members, who were divided into groups, then proceeded to mulching the already sown beds to prevent excessive moisture loss through evaporation and to prevent dislodgement of soil and sown seeds during heavy down pour. Furthermore, organic mulches provide soil nutrients and encourage beneficial soil organisms.
Next, our club members will nurture the sown seeds into seedlings. The seedlings will be transplanted from the nursery beds to permanent beds already prepared and fortified with farmyard manure.
Food and nutrition security remains an important goal of the Federal Government’s Agricultural policy. In the long term, we believe our Green Citizens Clubs will improve food security and reduce the number of malnourished children as we equip students with practical agricultural skills required to partake in the farm settlements being set up in the 108 Senatorial Districts by the Nigerian Government.
We would like to thank the Senior School Principal, UDSS Benin and the Agricultural Science Teacher, Mr Victor Diabo for making this happen.
To find out more about our GCC clubs and how you can contribute to improving food security and nutrition, visit our website: www.retechfoundation.org or email us: info@retechfoundation.org

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