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Solomon Okopi

Solomon Okopi ventured into agriculture after a long stint in business and financing consulting. He has assisted in an advisory capacity, in the formation of several farms and agro trade transactions.

Solomon also has Diploma in Poultry Husbandry, Feed Manufacturing and Hatchery Management from Barneveld (IPC Livestock) College in Holland to where he has returned several times for refresher courses.

Being driven by his avid desire for knowledge, he also holds a certificate in Poultry Science from the Kenya farmers’ cooperative society and later, as a recipient of the FADAMA project by Federal republic of Nigeria.

This humble farmer presently has a stock capacity of 35,000 layers and a continuous broiler stock of 10,000 every 8weeks. He is always on demand as a speaker for youth empowerment and food sustainability.

Solomon comes to the table with his vast knowledge (over 21years industry experience) in the banking/Finance, strategic business development and marketing experience in the oil/gas arena.

In the span of his career, Mr Okopi was at a time, Head of West African Operations for PEM Offshore and Group Head, Energy and Power for Oceanic Bank (now Eco Bank), Solomon was also Head of Business Development, South-South Region-Sahara Energy, the largest indigenous oil and gas trader in Nigeria. He was the Chief Operating Officer for CET Trading (an oil and gas company, the downstream arm of the CETENERGY group) before moving to Petroleum Projects International where he became the Vice President- Commercial and Operations. He has also held several management positions for various companies and banks.

He is a graduate of Chemical engineering with a post graduate degree in Human Resource Management from the University of Luton and an MBA from the prestigious Edinburgh Business School in Edinburgh.

Solomon is interested in mentoring anyone who is seriously thinking of venturing into farming.