What We Do



RETECH Foundation will work with the Federal Ministry of Education, the State Ministry of Education and the Heads/Principals of Public Secondary Schools in Nigeria to administer the scholarship programme. We will contact schools who meet our eligibility criteria to begin the process of awarding scholarships. Secondary school pupils are advised not to contact us directly for scholarships.


⦁ The students school must be a fully registered public secondary school in Nigeria. Public secondary schools include all schools wholly owned by either the Federal or State Government of Nigeria.

⦁ Scholarship award will be given to an outstanding JS3 student who has the best result at the BECE examination and is in the top 3 of his/her class. The scholarship will continue throughout the student’s secondary school education if he/she maintains exceptional academic performance (remains in the top 3) in his set at the end of JSS1 (Secondary school Class 1). The sponsorship will continue as long as the student maintains the top position in his/her set until the student finishes secondary school education.

⦁ RETECH foundation scholarship will be provided annually from the beginning of SS1 to the completion of the student’s secondary education and will cover tuition fees, uniform, books and stationery.

⦁ The pupil must not be on any scholarship at the time of award. If the top student in a school is already on a scholarship, the scholarship will be given to the next best student at the end of JSS3 and if also on a scholarship, the 3rd best student at the end of JSS3.

⦁ Schools must have a fair system of grading pupil’s academic performance by examination and/or continuous assessment.