RETECH Foundation Power2Schools (P2S) Programme Update – Dore Numa

Late last year, we announced that RETECH Foundation had signed a Cooperation Agreement with EDP – ENERGIAS DE PORTUGAL, S.A. to provide Access to Electricity, Water and ICT facilities, co-funded by EDP, to 5 disadvantaged secondary schools in Delta State, Nigeria. One of the beneficiary schools is Dore Numa College in Warri, Delta State.

Over the past two weeks we have been carrying out preparatory work required prior to installation of the solar systems in the school. To ensure a functional water system, we have completed installation of plumbing pipework and installed multiple water access points to ensure water is available to the students in the school. We have also extended the school’s water system to the community outside the school by installing new pipes to provide water access point outside the school fence to ensure reliable access to water by members of the community. To prevent vandalism of the pipes, the pipes have been installed inside walls (covered with concrete) and buried underground. In the past, to prevent vandalism, the school have had to only bring out the water pump when needed, preventing availability of regular water supply. To solve this, we have rerouted connection pipes to allow relocation of the water pump inside an unused room in the school. This will ensure the water pump is secure and working regularly to ensure reliable and regular water supply.

We have completed some electrical work in the school, including rewiring for the water pump, the admin building, the sick bay and the staff rooms to ensure these can be connected to the solar system once installed. We have also installed electrical distribution boards in the ICT room and the staff room to ensure ease of connection to the solar system. To improve security at night once the solar system is installed, we have installed LED light fittings outside the school. We have installed sockets/gang switches in the ICT room for 25 computer systems.

Now that the plumbing and electrical work is completed, this week, we will install the protectors for the solar system in preparation for the installation of the solar system in the school the following week.

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