RETECH Foundation Launches 25 Book Clubs in FGC, Port Harcourt

RETECH Foundation launches 27 Book Clubs in Federal Government College (FGC) Port Harcourt this month, August 2021. Each club comprises 8 members. The 216 students who are members of the clubs received copies of books written by African Authors.

Club members are encouraged to read the books, give book reports and each club holds group book reviews. There will be a prize for the student who has read the most books.

The foundation created a pathway for the 200 students to discover the wider world through reading for pleasure and discussion.

By setting up book clubs rather than just supplying books to schools, RETECH Foundation can monitor and evaluate the performance of our clubs and can ensure that the books we supply are read.

Special thanks to FGC, Port Harcourt’s principal, and club coordinators.

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