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Ollie Folayan

Ollie Folayan is a chartered chemical engineer working in the energy industry and chairperson of the award-winning AFBE-UK Scotland. Ollie graduated with a BEng in Chemical Process Engineering with Fuel Technology from the University of Sheffield in 1999 and then earned a Doctorate (PhD) in Fuels and Combustion from University of Leeds in 2002 authoring five international publications in the field of combustion and engineering. To date Ollie has worked on Major CAPEX Front End Engineering Design, Detailed Design and commissioning Projects.

Ollie has championed successful outreach programmes such as Making Engineering Hot, NextGen (Scotland), Transition and Real Projects and has co-authored two publications on the influence of role models in the transition from academic study to the workplace and on the sustainability of the engineering profession in the UK. In addition Ollie has also been involved with a number of successful community initiatives through organisations such as Shell and the Royal Academy of Engineering. Ollie has chaired a number of AFBE-UK annual seminars featuring key industry leaders and politicians and is a regular speaker at events on varied engineering topics.

Ollie is an avid sports fan and has other interests including singing, mentoring and reading on various subjects.
Ollie is interested in mentoring anyone with the necessary prerequisite knowledge and experience who is working towards obtaining a professional qualification with the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE).