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What We Do



Mentees begin the process by completing and submitting a profile using the links below. Once the mentee profile is submitted, the RETECH Foundation Programme Officer will contact the prospective mentee to discussion. One of the members of RETECH Foundation’s Leadership Team will match mentee with the right mentor following discussions and agreement with the mentor. Mentee and Mentor will be connected privately by the Programme Officer.


The mentorship programme will cover the following areas

⦁ Professional Qualification – Mentors will be assigned to mentees seeking professional qualification with any of the following professional institutions. It should be noted that this is not an exhaustive list;
⦁ Institution of Civil Engineers, U.K.
⦁ Institution of Mechanical Engineers, U.K.
⦁ Institution of Electrical Technology, U.K.
⦁ Energy Institute.
⦁ Institution of Chemical Engineers, U.K.
⦁ Chartered Management Institute.
⦁ Geological Society, London.
⦁ Society for Petroleum Engineers.
⦁ Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology.
⦁ Association of Project Management Practitioners.
⦁ Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply.
⦁ Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.
⦁ Association of Chartered Certified Accounts.
⦁ Nigerian Society of Engineers and the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria.

⦁ The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria.
⦁ Master’s and Doctorate degree qualification in a foreign university – Mentors will assist mentees with key information about the City as well as provide guidance throughout their programme.
⦁ Agriculture and Farming – Mentees who demonstrate a keen interest in farming will be assigned a mentor who will guide them through the first year of setting up their farms.
⦁ Entrepreneurship – Mentees who demonstrate key entrepreneurship skills and who have a viable business plan will be assigned a mentor to guide them through the first year of business set-up.
⦁ Leadership – Mentees who demonstrate key leadership skills and who are at least middle management level in their organisations will be appointed with a mentor who will help them further develop their leadership skills. A maximum of 5 mentees per year will be accepted under this category.