Mentorship Programme



The mentorship programme will be administered electronically. Both mentors and mentees begin the process by completing a profile. Registered mentees can search by a variety of criteria. The e-Mentoring system will display a list of available mentors who closely meet the mentees requirements. After carefully reviewing the mentor profiles, the mentee will submit a request to the mentor of his/her choice. The mentor will receive a notification via email with a link that will allow him/her to login to the system to access the mentee’s profile. The mentor will be able to respond by accepting or rejecting the request.


⦁ Providing a confidential and professional environment to advise, coach and support the Mentee’s development within the Programme.
⦁ Encouraging the discussion of work/professional development related issues and the opportunity to explore solutions to problems.
⦁ Providing an insight into the skills, attributes and behaviours required for professional qualification with a professional institution both within and outside Nigeria.
⦁ Providing the Administrators of the Foundation with feedback for the review process.
⦁ Supporting corporate membership applicants.
⦁ Assessing the mentee on suitability/readiness for professional examination (professional qualifications only).


⦁ Mentors are expected to share their professional experience with mentees.
⦁ Provide advice to mentees for defining, refining and reaching goals.
⦁ Recommendation for additional education or development.
⦁ Inspire, encourage and support your mentee and contribute to his/her professional development.
⦁ A one year commitment, communicating at least one or two times per month through the e-Mentoring system, traditional email, telephone, Whats-APP, Skype. Connect at your convenience and across time zones.