Ethics and Integrity Club, Maryam Babangida Girls Science College Minna

RETECH Foundation established an Ethics and Integrity at Maryam Babangida Girls Science College, Minna. The students of the school were advised to cultivate good behavior and values for a better future. This advice was given during the Ethics and Integrity talk carried out in the school. The girls were advised to prioritize building a strong moral compass, as this would lead to a brighter future both for themselves and the society as a whole.

The ethics and integrity talk was a timely reminder that the students’ actions and decisions today will have a significant impact on their future. By cultivating good behavior and values, they are setting themselves up for success and happiness in the years to come. Furthermore, by prioritizing these qualities, they are also contributing to a better future for Nigeria, as they will be the country’s leaders and decision-makers in the years to come.

We appreciate Raise Foundation and the school management for their role in making this event a success.

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