Celebrating World Book Day – Introducing Our First Book Club at FGGC Abuloma

The RETECH Foundation Book Club Initiative (RFBC) has been launched under our Good Citizenship Programme to improve the reading culture of secondary school pupils in Nigeria, to develop our human capital and in so doing reducing poverty and improving the socio-economic situation in the country.

In addition to supplying books, by setting up and keeping abreast with the activities of our club members we ensure that the learning experience is optimised after the books have been read.

Research has shown that reading develops a person in numerous ways including enhancing emotional intelligence, improving self-awareness, improving social skills and stimulating intelligence.

This is why we at RETECH Foundation are extremely excited about the formation of our first book club with these brilliant minds from FGGC Abuloma. We intend to set up more book clubs in public secondary schools across the Country.

We have set a target of sourcing books for our book clubs before the end of June 2021.
Would you like to support RFBC? Get in touch today – info@retechfoundation.org

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