10 RFBCs Launched at Maryam Babangida Science Girls, Minna

To develop a culture of reading and to enhance fluency in spoken English amongst students in public secondary schools, RETECH Foundation (RF) launched 10 RETECH Foundation Book Clubs (RFBCs) at Maryam Babangida Girls Science College, Minna in collaboration with Raise Foundation.

The 10 RFBCs are made up of 100 students with each club having a total of 10 members. The clubs are expected to have regular book reviews and discuss lessons and new vocabulary learned from each book. They will be monitored and guided by their patron, Mr Mustapha Mohammed.

Special thanks to Raise Foundation for partnering with us in setting up the book clubs.

To get more information about RETECH Foundation and how to be a part of our initiatives, visit www.retechfoundation.org today.

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