10 RF Book Clubs at G.D.S.S. Tunga Low-Cost, Minna

10 RETECH Foundation (RF) Book Clubs were set up at Government Day Science School (GDSS), Tunga Low-Cost, Minna. The 100 club members were presented with books, the reading club is aimed at improving their reading culture and enhance their literacy standards.

We thank the school management and teachers especially Mrs Anthonia Akin and Mrs Aishat Dauda who will act as the book clubs’ Coordinators in GDSS. They have assured us of their total support and supervision to achieve the aims of the project.

So far, thanks to our partners, Raise Foundation, we have created 70 book clubs in 7 public schools in Minna with 700 books donated.

If you would like to work with us to set up book clubs in a public secondary school, please get in touch today – info@retechfoundation.org



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