10 RETECH Foundation Book Clubs (RFBCs) Established in Government Secondary School, Godogodo, Kaduna

In our commitment to nurture a love for reading and instil a passion for books among students, we have taken a significant step by establishing ten book clubs at Government Secondary School, Godogodo, Kaduna. Each book club comprises ten dedicated members, collectively creating a community of a hundred young readers.

To kickstart this exciting journey, with the help of our representative in Kaduna, Katung Kwasu, we’ve given the readers one hundred books. With this extensive collection at their disposal, each club member now has the opportunity to explore a diverse range of literature, broaden their horizons, and expand their knowledge.

Moving forward, each book club will convene for monthly meetings to delve into their selected book, exchange insights, and engage in enriching discussions. These regular gatherings serve a dual purpose – they enhance the students’ reading skills and foster a strong sense of community within the groups. This, in turn, promotes open-mindedness and fervour for learning among the members.

The school principal, Mrs. Kasham Sunday, expressed her gratitude to the Foundation and counted her school lucky to be a beneficiary of such initiative. Speaking on behalf of the students, the Head Girl of the school Miss Gloria Abel, expressed her excitement as a recipient of a book and prayed that God would bless the Foundation and make the Book reading club a success. The coordinator of the reading club in the school, Mr Amako Audu, promised to monitor the use of the books to ensure they are used for reading activities.

As we continue to provide unwavering support to these book clubs, we hold a firm belief that they will become more than just reading circles; they will transform into platforms for personal growth, intellectual stimulation, and the cultivation of critical thinking skills.

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