10 RETECH Foundation Book Clubs at Ijapo High School, Akure Ondo State

Emotional intelligence and social skills are vital skills for work and life after school. Reading widely improves social skills and emotional intelligence; this is one of the many reasons why we are setting up book clubs in public secondary schools across the country, including in our most recent public secondary school, Ijapo High School, Akure where we set up 10 RETECH Foundation Book Clubs (RFBCs) last month. The RFBCs will be coordinated by their teachers Ayodotun-Fagun Olayinka and Olu-Kings Heart Florence.

Special thanks to the principal, Ijapo High School, Mrs B.A Isatayo and to all our volunteers in Akure for the set-up and launch of the 10 RFBCs in Ijapo High School.

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